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Hot Tech Skills Bend Resume-Writing Rules

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What grabbed the recruiter’s eye was the security pro’s certification, on top of his resume and smack dab in front of her face. Read the story.


The 24-Step Modern Resume

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Resume Checklist: Follow these best practices to ensure your resume gets through the spam filter, applicant tracking system, and to the recruiters and hiring managers. Read the full story.

How to Reapply After a Rejection

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Don’t give up! Here’s how to tweak your resume and try again.

How to Select a Resume Writer

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Check out my latest article on TheLadders for questions you should ask and qualifications you should seek in a professional resume writer.

Making Your Resume Format Machine-Friendly

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I wrote this last spring but need to get it on my blog because I keep referring to it and have to keep tracking down the URL! Click here if you didn’t catch the package in the first go-round. It covers how to format a resume so that the software that recruiters use to store resumes doesn’t garble your document and wreck your chances to score an interview.

Top Resume Mistakes

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I interviewed HR managers to find out which resume mistakes they see over and over again and how to avoid them. Click on through for the checklist I came up with to make sure your resume isn’t one of the clunkers.

Customize Your Resume for That Plum Job

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With resumes, there’s no such thing as one size fits all; know where, how and why to tweak, advises resume pro Steve Burdan. Check out the full story here.