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Test Your Cover Letter

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Use my handy-dandy new test to score your cover letter before submission/deal-blowing.


The Problem-Solver Resume

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Your resume should present you as the answer to an employer’s problems. This article, posted on TheLadders, provides guidelines on how to uncover their pain points and put yourself out there as their solution.

Getting Your Cover Letter Noticed

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Understanding your cover letter’s electronic journey will give you an edge when matching wits with automated applicant tracking systems. This article gets into the ATS technology of how your cover letter gets parsed. To read the full article, click here, and for the accompanying article on TheLadders, which will keep you from making those lame mistakes such as the classic “Dear Sir or Madam” cop-out, click here.

How to Write a Great Cover Letter

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It’s so easy to blow it from the get-go. Here’s how: Open the letter with “Dear Sir or Madam.” Isn’t that great? You just told your potential employer that you’re too lazy to look for a hiring manager’s name. How about this approach instead: Do some due diligence. Find out some names, find out or guess the company’s e-mail address naming convention, and then, most importantly, find out what the company’s problems are. Then, in the cover letter, drop some hints to Mr. Sir or Ms. Madam about how you’re going to fix those problems. For these and other tips on cover letters, check out the article I wrote for TheLadders.