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Test Your Cover Letter

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Use my handy-dandy new test to score your cover letter before submission/deal-blowing.


Smoothing Out a Bumpy Work History

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Ten jobs in 10 years might make a job seeker look like a job hopper or a committed consultant, depending on how the resume presents work history. Read the full story here.

Resume Advice: Who to Ask

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You need resume advice. Do you turn to a recruiter, a career coach, a professional resume writer? What about a professional association or government career center? I talked to professionals from these categories and came up with an insider’s guide to the type of resume guidance you can expect from each of these resources. Read on.

How Full-Time Parents Can Reclaim a Full-Time Job

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You don’t have to be paid for your efforts to list them as work experience on your resume. Check out these tales of full-time parents and how resume professionals helped to frame their experience and skills and get them back to full-time work.

How to Reapply After a Rejection

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Don’t give up! Here’s how to tweak your resume and try again.

Making Friends and Finding Free Resume Advice

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This story will walk you through approaching recruiters, HR pros and resume experts for advice without being a pest. Read the full story here.

Make Your Resume Answer Someone’s Prayers

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Use your resume to show you understand the employer’s needs and embody the solution. Read the full story here.