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Apply and Network in One Step

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The next generation of job application software from companies such as SilkRoad will let you see whom you already know at the company, so you can apply for a job and network at the same time. Read the full story.


Hey interview subjects, you’re likely in print now!

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TheLadders has published a book, “You’re Better Than Your Job Search,” that reprints quite a few of the resume articles I’ve written for them over the past few years. Unfortunately, they stripped my byline from my stories, but if you pick up the book, the “Your Resume” section reprints some of the invaluable input I’ve gotten from HR pros, resume/career coaches and job seekers. Seeing it all tied into a collection like this makes me want to put out a HUGE thank-you to HARO and to all the professionals who always take the time to share their expertise and wonderful experience. So thank you! Hugely!

Written by Lisa Vaas

August 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm

In Through the Side Door

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If you’re not scoring many interviews by applying for jobs and forwarding your resume to HR, try some of these creative means to get the hiring manager’s attention. Read the story here.

Making Friends and Finding Free Resume Advice

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This story will walk you through approaching recruiters, HR pros and resume experts for advice without being a pest. Read the full story here.