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Archive for September 2010

Apply and Network in One Step

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The next generation of job application software from companies such as SilkRoad will let you see whom you already know at the company, so you can apply for a job and network at the same time. Read the full story.


How Not to Follow Up After a Job Interview

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Angry e-mail? Check. Thank-you messages read from scripts? Check. Here’s a rogues’ gallery of what else not to do.

Following Up On an Anonymous Posting

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Job seekers pull their hair out over how and whether to follow up on job applications posted by anonymous companies. In this piece, I explore how it’s done and whether you should.

The 24-Step Modern Resume

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Resume Checklist: Follow these best practices to ensure your resume gets through the spam filter, applicant tracking system, and to the recruiters and hiring managers. Read the full story.

Mining Unique Traits for Your Resume

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Here’s how to discover your best, your subtlest, or even your most eccentric traits and communicate them on a resume. Read the story.